Allison's Bridals

We got lucky with Allison's bridal session and scheduled it on one of the few consistently warm days in the past couple weeks. It definitely makes it more pleasant to shoot when you can feel all your extremities.
Allison's dress was beautiful, with a very classic, traditional feel. We explored the area around Daybreak in West Jordan for this shoot. A couple new locations were discovered, and there was much rejoicing.
bridal photography, sunlight, backlighting, smile, white dress

glass windows, full body shot, wedding gown
She has a great smile, doesn't she?
closeup, smiling bride, pearl necklace

night shot, reflection, lake, lights
I love colors in the flare on the lens... I guess this is Darron's treasure at the end of the rainbow? :)
car lights, rainbow, bride, flare, dramatic

wedding photography, red steel wall, happy bride

wide angle bride bridal picture
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