Abbey and Taylor

Abbey and Taylor, spring, green background, closeup
Shooting Abbey and Taylor's engagements was some of the most fun I have ever had in a photo session. As a photographer I try to get sincere smiles and often make corny jokes or silly noises at my clients in an attempt to get them to smile naturally. I didn't need to do anything for these two- they were totally natural, laughed the entire time, and just had a blast being together.
As far as the location goes, we hit a few different spots- one is evidently a very popular setting for engagements. It's "Exchange Place" in downtown Salt Lake City, and I can see the appeal. There were some very fun backgrounds and buildings to interact with. Aside from exchange place, we had wandered around a bit and just went with the flow. I love photoshoots where I can have a few loose ideas in my head but still have the flexibility just to explore and see what there is nearby to work with. It's an adventure that way, and ensures the experience is different every single time. Being a photographer is awesome at times like these.
Abbey and Taylor's wedding colors are "shades of green" so we were thrilled that Spring finally seemed to arrive and the grass was actually green instead of dead and brown.

downtown, steel and glass, kiss, romantic, full-body
Words can't express how happy I was with how this one turned out. Silhouette + Rim lighting + wicked awesome posing from the models = ♥
silhouette, dramatic and silly pose, rim light
They were so happy together- great smiles all around!
peeking out from a red wall smiling

smiling, hugging, can you believe this is a parking structure
Yay for sun flares!!!
romantic, kiss, sunflare
This picture makes me smile. Great moment...
hugging, eyes closed, tender moment

stiff pose, bridge backround
Love their personality.
red brick, frames
Click here to see the rest of the gallery- they were full of awesomeness. Too much to share in this post.
rim light,