Lindsey's Bridals

Well, yesterday Lindsey and Justin tied the knot and Justin got the see his beautiful bride in her dress on the wedding day, without any bad-luck-inducing sneak peeks beforehand. Thus, the rest of the world gets to see her now too!
Given the style of the dress, ("Think ball gown. Really really big, old school ball gown." -Bride's response to my question in the planning session) we elected to head downtown to get some classic architecture for the bridal photos. We wandered around a bit, and got some shots I was really happy with.
Stay tuned for the photos from their wedding..... it was a longer one (~10-11 hrs), but we had a great time. Gotta love photography.
sunlight, backlit, bridal photography, Salt Lake park
The photo above is one of my favorite bridal pics I have ever taken. I love the lighting in it.
SLC Library, Indoor bridals, window light
The stone and pillars below create a setting that I think perfectly fit the feeling that I think the dress conveys. Something very classic, very I'm-waiting-for-my-Prince-Charming-to-show-up-in-the-carriage.
dramatic lighting, ball gown, old stone and pillar, Salt Lake City & County Bulding

old fountain, wedding dress, downtown Salt Lake
The dress itself weighed 12 pounds and had well over a dozen layers of tulle. It made for some very neat "just casually relaxing" photos.
purple flowers, lavender, smiling bride, sitting down

long row of tress, gorgeous lighting for bride, orchard
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