Renae and Kenny- Fun in the Sun

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It's funny...
When I first started out as a photographer, my ideal day to shoot was overcast weather, because I didn't have to worry about any harsh shadows or bad lighting- I could just shoot. Now I find myself grumbling when the sky is too cloudy and I have a shoot planned, because I can't get the yummy rim lighting or play with my reflectors the way I want to.
Renae and Kenny won a free engagement shoot by attending a recent bridal fair where I had a booth, and they were so easy to work with when we set up the session I ended up turning the shoot into a mini-workshop for my interns as we took the photos. For this shoot, we decided to go for some of the most difficult lighting situations we could find and started shooting at noon (LOTS of bright sunshine that day, and the corresponding risk of overly harsh shadows ). We played around with different bits of shade we could find, different types and kinds of reflectors, and a little bit of flash. Both Renae and Kenny were awesome to work with, and didn't miss a beat when focusing on each photographer- you would have thought they were seasoned models! :)
So both my interns, Justin and Valor, got a great rundown on shooting in midday sun, and our happy couple got some extra variety in the shots and subsequently some great pictures. It was a good day.
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The orange on this building was awesome- very cool find in Provo.
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So much texture in the corrugated steel. Love it!
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