Natalie's Bridals

Recently I've been reading a fantastic photography book entitled "Light: Science and Magic". Early on the authors make an observation that really struck home to me.

"In some ways, photographers resemble musicians more than painters, sculptors, and other visual artists. This is because photographers, like musicians, are more interested in the manipulation of energy than that of matter... Photography is the manipulation of light."

I was impressed by this simple statement, and it underlined one of the primary reasons I love photography as much as I do, and especially why I love to shoot on location as opposed to a studio. The ever-changing nature of the light and weather conditions ensures that nothing is EVER quite the same. You can go to the same locations, at the same time, and it's always different to one degree or another.
It was for this reason that when I saw the huge stormy clouds at the beginning of Natalie's bridals I started to get little jitters of delight. It made for some wonderfully dramatic contrasty goodness. (did I put enough modifiers in that last sentence?)

I love working with really serious, sophisticated models.... ;)

The deep purple of this bouquet was gorgeous...

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