My hubby

This is Thomas.
He sat in for me in this window-light only shoot. I loved the challenge of using only natural light for these headshots.
Not only is Thomas a great model, husband, and business manager, but he's also willing to be my Voice Activated Light Stand on my photoshoots. He even puts me on his shoulders so I can get a better angle for the large group shots at a wedding. How many people can say that about their spouse?
Serious face, headshots
Here's something a little bit more dramatic:
headshots, dramatic lighting, window light
headshots, dramatic lighting, window light
And look at this smile... The smile that says he loves me. The smile that convinces me to let him skip the household chores. Much too convincing. It's dangerous.
headshots, studio, window light
Thomas is amazing. We've been married almost two years, and I'm grateful for him every day.
Photo from my wedding, Timpanogos Temple
Photo from our wedding by Scott Jarvie