Tara's Bridals: Westminster College & Great Salt Lake

Chris and Tara's wedding was on Saturday- it was at Millennial Falls in Draper, and it was A-MAZ-ING!  Gorgeous location, and what a party!  

Of course this means that now that we've captured Chris' awestruck look as he sees his bride for the first time in her dress we can share all her bridal photos with you!  Tara is an alumnus of Westminster College, which is also where Chris proposed to her, so we started the bridal session there.  Afterwards, we drove out to Saltair and shot by the Great Salt Lake and the marina there.

Tara used to eat lunch in this area and the landscaping was a little different.  We arrived for her bridals, and decided that Westminster must have put in this pedestal just for her!

One of Tara's recent loves is sailing, so the marina was a perfect fit for her!  Sailing has a special place in my heart ever since I managed to flip my little one-man skiff on a lake during a summer storm when I was about 12.  I got it right side up and finished out my afternoon.  I loved it!


I love the fields around Saltair.  It gives that perfect, romantic-wheat-field look, especially as they sway in the wind.  It was INCREDIBLY cold by then, but you wouldn't know it by the photos.  Tara was absolutely incredible to work with, and I have to give a shout out to Nancy, Chris' mom.  She is a professional costume designer, and she actually made Tara's dress!  Not only that, but Nancy came along on the shoot and helped out with the lighting.  In some of these photos she's actually crouched down on rocks behind Tara with a flash for back light.  Nancy, you completely went above and beyond!  I now grant you the most-awesome-mother-in-law-in-the-world award.   Feel free to put "wedding lighting specialist" in your resume as well.

Tara is such a beautiful girl.  The way she did her hair, her dress... so relaxed, and yet so elegant.

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