The Perfect Touch of Winter

It looks like Xinling and Daniel's photos are going to be making an earlier appearance than I anticipated!  I loved these photos so much, I put in a late night to get them done so that I could share them with y'all.  Even though we shot these photos just recently, we happened to pick a day and location that was covered with the absolute perfect amount of snow.  We spent 90% of the shoot just above Sundance in Provo Canyon, and it was breathtaking.  It wasn't bitterly cold (given that it was the end of April), it was lightly snowing (just enough to give those awesome specks and add a romantic "je ne sais quoi"), and there was the perfect little layer of snow everywhere.  

As Xinling and Daniel were actually married in December, the winter setting was just right.

I love this next photo.  Love love love.  It captures the feeling of the day to a T.  Not a worry about the cold, no concerns about the possibility of getting the dress a little dirty- just plenty of love and excitement for photos to show it off.  There's nothing I love more than a sincere laugh.  To me, that is the face of beauty.

Look how gorgeous she is.  Daniel is a lucky man!


When we headed down the canyon to finish the shoot we found out that it had warmed up a bit and suddenly everything looked like Spring again!  I promised a look at Xinling's traditional chinese wedding dress, and here it is...  The red and gold was amazing- super brilliant colors.

Take a look at all of Xinling and Daniel's formals here.