Allison and Darron

April is an odd month in Utah, weather-wise. I can't really remember any other place I've lived where I can easily get a procession of warm sunshine, cloudy skies, rain, sunshine again, hail, and then back to sunshine with an extra dose of intermittent freezing wind all in the course of about 3 hours.
Given that the notion of taking engagement photos in ski parkas didn't overly appeal to our clients, we had to reschedule once for Allison and Darron's session. April had decided to surprise us with about 5 inches of snow on our designated day for the first shoot (of course, the snow was all gone by 5pm but I digress). For our second appointment we were greeted with an agreeably clear sky, a few puffy clouds and some great sunshine. It was only after we got out of the car and stood there for 30 seconds that we realized there was a rip in space-time somewhere nearby, allowing a gale-force wind directly from the North Pole to smack us in the face. However, since we were already there our hardy couple decided to soldier on and get the photos taken care of. They weren't really dressed for it, but they were awesome sports. I myself was fine with the wind, but I guess the gloves, woolen hat and pea coat might have helped a little bit....
The photos turned out wonderfully (which is all that matters, right?), and I only had to take the blue out of their lips and fingers on just a couple of pictures. ;)

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