Christina and Heber

For Christina and Heber's engagement pictures we decided to head on up the canyon. They love the outdoors and spending their time in nature, so setting up a downtown shoot wouldn't really have fit their personality too well. And, given that Christina is from Alaska, we knew we'd have to pick a landscape that would show off some of the truly stunning views that Utah has to offer here in the Rockies. The spot they picked worked out perfectly, though the amount of snow still up there doesn't much look like it was the middle of April. :)
This one kind of says, "western novel cover" to me. What do you think?
cowboy hat, close up, headshot, serious
LOVE the texture of the rocks and the lichen here.... the contrast with the smooth unblemished snow was great.
rock wall, couple, smiling, happy, snow
This is exactly what I think of when I hear the word "winter". Gorgeous.
snow-covered hills, kiss, love, trees
Now I'm originally from Texas, so I have seen some truly amazing skies and sunsets featuring huge rolling clouds. This one, though, was definitely as good as anything I have ever come across...
Serious engagement photo, huge clouds and brilliant sunset
This session wouldn't be complete without showing the second love of Heber's life... his truck! Love love love the way the reflection turned out.
Dodge Ram, truck, winter, couple kissing on the hood, reflection in the lake
Ok maybe I spoke too fast earlier.... THIS one truly does scream "western novel cover".
silhouette, hat, cowboy, sunset
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smiling, snow, laughing, winter