Brooklyn and Kagan

The Harley Davidson store in Lindon is one of those locations that I always drove by and said to myself "Oooh I really should shoot there sometime." I even suggested it once or twice to a couple of different clients, but it never really seemed to pan out. So when we got a really beautiful clear day for Brooklyn and Kagan's engagement session I suggested we start there before we headed on over to the park we had planned to finish out at. I am so glad we did! Lots of really fun architecture to play around with, and some awesomely rich colors and textures for the background. We did get a couple of funny looks from the huge Harley guys as they walked in and out of the store, but we had a blast.
Kagan is a film student who works as a computer engineer/software guy, and he had a wonderfully dry sense of humor, so he kept us (and especially Brooklyn!) laughing most of the time. I like it when my clients make sure their smiles are genuine on their own- it makes for a lot more natural picture when you're laughing your head off.
Harley Davidson, industrial, Lindon, engagement photography

brick wall, Harleys, fiancees smiling for the camera
These girders were so awesome to play with...
peeking through, girder, couple shot, silly
Looking back at these, I think maybe the only times Brooklyn wasn't laughing were when she was kissing Kagan. :)
snuggling, laughing, black and white

green leaves, kissing, tender moment
Like I said, we had some fun with the girders....
hanging around

happy couple, great smiles

about to kiss in front of the fountain, Neilson's Grove Park

kissing, b&w, b & w, fountain, Neilson's Grove Park

You know, I love color and I love light. Photos like this next one remind me why I love photography so much.
dip kiss, rim light, back lighting, sunlight in the trees
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walking away, hands in pockets, path