Abbey and Taylor's Bridals/Groomals

I seem to say it very frequently these days, but I just had so much fun with this couple. I easily had the most fun shooting this couple that I have ever had. They are happy, super stylish people, and are great in front of a camera. Abbey's mom is a photographer, and so Abbey and her siblings pretty much came out of the womb knowing how to smile and pose for photos. I was also super impressed with how poised Abbey and Taylor were under all the stress surrounding the wedding preparations. We had to postpone the first bride and groom session because the alterations place LOST ABBEY'S DRESS (like, gone-no-more-to-be-found lost), so they had to get an identical dress (which happened to be 2 or 3 sizes too big) and alter it to fit her. Then the day we were supposed to shoot it snowed (late May in Utah? par for the course I guess), necessitating another delay. By now it was the week before the wedding, and my week was almost completely booked. We shifted some things around, got it scheduled and showed up for the shoot. Of course, right as we start, Taylor's tuxedo jacket button pops off. It was just one thing after another, and you would not know it to look at these photos.

We shot at the Tahitian Noni Gardens, aka'd as the Morinda Gardens, and I tell you- if I could go back in time and redo my wedding, I would want a dress and veil like Abbey's. They were both stunning, and so was she.

utah bridal photography

I love how the colors in this one turned out.

I could have shot in these gardens all day...

Morinda Gardens, flowers surrounding bride and groom

After the gardens though, we headed over to a private property owned by a friend of Abbey's family. It was a beautiful location.

lake, wood beams, bridal couple, reflection

green trees, leaves, utah groomals, groomal photography

We got some really lovely colors in the sky when the sun set.

sunset, strobist, lake

And then the moon rose... life was good.

flash photography, moon in the background, bridals

waterfall, noni gardens, laughing

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Awesome wood door, sassy poses