Engaged in Italy, In Love in Utah

  Andrea was in the same MBA program with Luke, and Chris and Tara, and when he contacted me about doing some pre-shoots for him I was delighted.  He and his beautiful fiancee Danielle got engaged while they were visiting Italy.  Andrea was able to show Danielle around his country, and with the home-court advantage scored himself big points in the romance column.  I mean, how many people get to go to Italy to get engaged?  (besides Italians. :D)



So we scheduled an engagement session as soon as they got back so they could have some prints for their wedding and reception in Oregon.  We shot around Lehi and Saratoga Springs in Utah County, and had some beautiful sunshine to enjoy.




Don't you love how golden the light can be in summer?  Makes a romantic kiss just that more special.



Now if you've been following this blog at all, you know I love night shots.  They're fun, they can be dramatic and mysterious, and it's one of the situations I get to really play around and come up with something that I feel is new.  I loved the different photos we got with Andrea and Danielle- a little bit of mystique, a little bit of silliness, and a whole lot of kaPOW!




This next one is currently Andrea's profile picture on Facebook.  When he added it, he got several comments (many of them in Italian).  With a little help from Google Translate, I was able to catch my favorite one.  "You two look just like actors... are you making a movie??!?"


Oh yeah!