Summer Engagement Photos at Saltair

  One of my favorite things to hear is how someone found my website and decided to contact me.  Sometimes it's just a google search for something like "Utah Wedding Photographer", sometimes they picked up a card at a wedding I was shooting, and lots of times people see my work on Facebook as one friend comments on another friend's photo and I pop up in their feed.  The backstory on how Joelle and Brett found me was one of the more roundabout that I had heard.  I met with them earlier this year to book their September wedding, and Brett confessed that he and Joelle had been following my blog for the previous 6 months.  If I got the story down correctly, this is what happened.


Brett found some photos of an acapella group on their website who had linked to a couple of photos of another acapella group.  The photos seemed pretty cool, and Brett winded up on Noteworthy's website.  He saw the promotional photos that I had done for them last fall, as well as the photos I took of them at their November concert.  He eventually went through all the photos they had, noticed my watermark on a few of them, and wondered "hey, maybe she does wedding photos too."  They ended up on my blog, and that was that.


Joelle and Brett have been together for several years now, and in a state where the common courtship-to-marriage window is 6 to 9 months, it makes for some different dynamics during a photoshoot.  I loved how comfortable they were together.  No awkwardness, no hesitations, no problems.




Love the marina at the Great Salt Lake.  So much variety in textures, and you can photograph it every day of the week with every day being different.



It's awesome how in summer we've got these tall grasses that turn this perfect gold- it makes for the some of the warmest, happiest photos.  Perfect for an engagement session.




And no WLP engagement shoot would be complete without a romantic silhouette, right? :D