Kirra & Brandon: Awesomeness at Saltair

Ok,  I can't say enough about how much I loved this engagement shoot!!!  Kirra and Brandon were so fantastic to work with- they would intuitively do what I normally coach people to do, they had the most amazing smiles, and they were just plain fun.  We shot 100% of the time around Saltair near the Great Salt Lake, but ended up with an awesome variety of locations and looks.  

I love that area, but particularly around summertime you have to make sure you slather on the bug spray!  I ended up with 14 bites just on my left leg, and gave up counting after that.  I also ended up sacrificing a pair of shoes - as you see in the picture below, I crossed over to the other side of the little lake on the beach and the "almost-looked-dry-but-apparently-wasn't" path to my spot ended up eating my footwear.  I finished the shoot barefoot, and brought home a souvenir in my shoes that was almost as cool as those little beach in a bottles that you can get in Hawaii.  Just a bit smellier.


The amazing thing to me is that Kirra and Brandon were so in love it didn't even phase them.  They were happy to go wherever I asked and smile, because they were together.


These guys seriously just laughed and giggled the whole time.  I loved it!

If I picked all my favorites from this shoot this post would crash my server, so I put together a slideshow to Kirra and Brandon's song to let y'all see some more.