Stevie & Conrad- Engagements at Weber State and the Great Salt Lake

  I had never even been to Weber before, but since Stevie and Conrad met while going to school there, that was where we started.  And I am so glad we did!  I had no idea that the campus at Weber had so much to offer for photos, and I will definitely be back.  After running around the university for a bit, we headed over to Saltair to finish up and get some sunsets and photos with the stars (the huge balls of gas billions of miles away, not the celebrities).



Just look at how gorgeous this location was, and how perfect the light!  The sun made this gorgeous spotlight right on them, it was fantastic.  One small note of trivia- this was literally taken in the first 30 seconds of shooting.  No need for warm up or get loose for this couple; they were great right from the beginning.



We were grateful for a clear sky that night so we could see all the stars that were out.  You wouldn't know it looking at the photo, but it was essentially pitch black when I took this last one...