Rain, Rain, Go Away

  Heidi and Steve are the type of people don't don't let a rainy day get them down! When we met Heidi and Steve outside of Tahitian Noni the storm clouds were already rolling in. By the time we got to the gardens its was trickling and soon it was pouring. We were able to get a few shots in before we had to run for cover for fear of ruining Heidi's gorgeous hair and dress.


This awesome couple decided to not let the storm scare them away and decided to wait for it to blow over. While we waited for the storm to pass we stayed busy photographing detail shots and getting to know the couple better. It turns out that the intern, Abby, knew Steve from their home state! (Don't make me start singing "its a small world".) Eventually the rain let up and we got some amazing photographs!!! But don't take my word for granted - check them out for yourselves!!




It's awesome how Heidi's shorter hair works with the high collar.  So cute!!!




I love the Morinda Gardens... they pack a lot of variety and gorgeous landscaping into a relatively small area.



Heidi and Steve were married yesterday; it was such an awesome day, and a beautiful reception.  We did the second half of the formals shoot at the Sleepy Ridge Golf Course in Orem, where their reception was to be.  I'll post those photos on Monday!