Mountains... "For a Change of Scenery"



I never really liked the movie "Little Mermaid," but I LOVED one song from it - "Under the Sea."  Bear with me for a moment, and this statement will soon be relevant.


I love the mountains and the snow for photos, but when winter comes around in Utah, all I want to do is go somewhere warm and spend time at the beach (hence the cruise).  So when Nicole emailed me and said she's getting married in Miami etc... all I could think about was gorgeous beach engagements and just how picturesque that would be.  But it turns out she wanted to come up to Utah for engagements!  In the snow.  And dead trees.  Because, as she said "it's a background I can't get in Miami!"  I had to change my perspective a little bit and recognize just how beautiful my state gets.  I've always loved Fall and Summer, but sometimes I get grumpy during winter and forget to look around.  I appreciated the reminder.




We had the beautiful location of the Park City Historic Barn, snow on the fields.  It was very picturesque.  They were a pretty good-lookin' couple too!








Nicole had one picture she wanted and showed up with these cute scrabble tiles to say "forever and always."  Such a cute idea, we had fun playing with it!





And isn't her ring incredible???