STOCK PHOTOS - Snowboarding


Another stock photoshoot!  Brighton Ski Resort, snowboarding.  It was such a perfect day, we took jackets off for a couple of the runs.




The model: Rob Bennion.  He is actually a DJ and saxophone player as well as the owner a talent agency, but today he was our snowboarder!  I love it when people have multiple interests in their lives!  Rob is a very positive person and always loves being outside.  When we saw how sunny it was, he was quite excited that he didn't need his winter coat.  It was a great positive energy to have around for the shoot.





And here are a couple behind-the-scenes shots of me taken with an iphone:




It was quite a challenge to board with the camera on my back!  And a little bit nerve-wracking to hold it on the ski lift.  So high up there...  one wrong move and Oops!






Mountains... "For a Change of Scenery"



I never really liked the movie "Little Mermaid," but I LOVED one song from it - "Under the Sea."  Bear with me for a moment, and this statement will soon be relevant.


I love the mountains and the snow for photos, but when winter comes around in Utah, all I want to do is go somewhere warm and spend time at the beach (hence the cruise).  So when Nicole emailed me and said she's getting married in Miami etc... all I could think about was gorgeous beach engagements and just how picturesque that would be.  But it turns out she wanted to come up to Utah for engagements!  In the snow.  And dead trees.  Because, as she said "it's a background I can't get in Miami!"  I had to change my perspective a little bit and recognize just how beautiful my state gets.  I've always loved Fall and Summer, but sometimes I get grumpy during winter and forget to look around.  I appreciated the reminder.




We had the beautiful location of the Park City Historic Barn, snow on the fields.  It was very picturesque.  They were a pretty good-lookin' couple too!








Nicole had one picture she wanted and showed up with these cute scrabble tiles to say "forever and always."  Such a cute idea, we had fun playing with it!





And isn't her ring incredible???








McDougal Family

  I was so happy to get to shoot the McDougals and their extended family the Eichers.  Since shooting Holli and David's wedding earlier this year, we've become really good friends.  We've even got a regular pinochle game going.  What is pinochle you say?  Only the greatest old-person card game ever! Seriously, Thomas and I are completely addicted, and we were happy when we found another couple to share our nerdiness with.


I'm getting distracted though- back to the photos!



This fall was so awesome!  The colors on the trees just kept sticking around, even after we started to get some snow...






Whipped cream + tiny cookies + hot chocolate on a cold day=  yum.




Snowball fight!









Dunford Family

  What's more fun that taking family photos with awesome hats and a GINORMOUS dog?  Taking them in a snowstorm that combines the last bit of fall colors with the blustery weather of Christmas!


The Dunford family was awesome to work with, and one of their dogs is seriously about as big as I am.  It was great!


And look how adorable little Caroline was!  Between the hat, the boots, and the little bit of 'tude she's showing, she is one of the cutest little girls I have ever seen!
I loved how colorful this shoot turned out, and how it didn't matter how cold it was or if it was snowing; this family was up for it!
Plus, a return to extreme adorableness.

Tara and Chris Pt 2

As promised, here are some of the finished set from Tara and Chris' engagement session in Park City. I love working with these two- they both are so sweet and are happy to do whatever it takes to get the photo. Even if it means wading through a hip-deep snow drift to get to the fence! :)





Oh the weather outside is frightful....

Wedding photography, like life, takes place in all seasons and all kinds of weather.  I love sunshine because it gives such a bright and happy feeling and results in really vibrant colors.  I love cloudy days because it creates beautiful, soft and diffused light.  I love rainy days because it reminds me of a musical (I always feel like singing and dancing!), and because the rain clouds can make the most amazing and dramatic skies. I love snowstorms because they are just romantic.  Can't you picture going for a walk in the snow, getting twirled around by the one you love?

...ignore the fact that we couldn't feel our appendages and snow was pelting everyone in the face sideways at 40mph.  Romantic, right?

Because of the weather, we decided to start the formals session with Nicole and Josh indoors at Heritage Gardens.  Their reception would be held there the next day and we were lucky to have access to it.  It's a beautiful location, and if you are looking for a venue, I definitely recommend it.

Nicole's dress (from David's Bridal) was beautiful!  I especially loved the texture of the pink band around her waist.  It always helps to bring some more color into the photos.

After Heritage Garden we shot a little bit at the LDS Timpanogos Temple where they were getting married.  The lights on the grounds and the snow just made it a magical setting... it was AMAZING.  Nicole and Josh were such troopers with the snow.  We would jump out and shoot for a few minutes, and jump back in the cars to thaw;  the temperatures were freezing, but the Nicole and Josh were just wonderful!

Take a look at their entire formals session here.