Carlin Family- Downtown Salt Lake

  It's so fun to have more family living in Utah now.  Sandy is my sister-in-law, and she moved here with her family when her husband Kevin got a new job in Provo.  She has always been really supportive of my work, and so I was delighted when we came up with an arrangement for some trade work.  I would take family portraits of them, and she would come over several times to clean the house.  Given I would MUCH rather be taking photos than doing housework, I think this might be the best trade deal I've had to date!


It reminds me of the movie Julie and Julia, when Julie tells her boyfriend she knows why she's so bad at housework- she has ADD.  And he says "OH!  Is thaaat it?"  Yes.  I must have ADD.




I may be biased, but my niece and nephew are adorable.  You can't deny it!