istockphoto - Family at Liberty Park

  This was a beautiful day at Liberty Park.  Green grass, blue skies, and the sun was shining!




We met up with Rob and his kids for a quick stock shoot and playing at the park!




Rob is good friend and amazing musician.  He is a dj, a saxophone player, does clubs and weddings. But beyond that, he's an incredible and loving father.  It was so sweet to see him with his kids here...



Life is good, isn't it?




istockphoto - Little Girl at the Park



Another quick stock shoot at Sugarhouse Park!  One of my favorite little girls, and the daughter of the bride for a wedding I'm shooting in August :)  Lindy is such an opinionated child.  An adorable girl full of personality.  She is definitely her own person.


But watching her there at the park, exploring the flowers and the swing set brought a new perspective to me.  Everything seemed like a new discovery.  All I could think was "seeing life through the eyes of a child."  The beauty of the pink flowers.  The funny feeling of the grass on her feet... the way the sun touches the grass and how she wants to sit in the shade instead.


As is normal with kids, she wasn't exactly cooperative the whole shoot... (And I don't blame her.  Play at a park vs. pose for the camera?)  But her excitement as she picked up those flowers made everything worth it!















istockphoto - Family at the Park


One of my highest selling photos on istock is of an adorable red-headed preschooler playing on a playground.  I was thrilled to spend an hour with little Collin and his siblings at Sugarhouse Park to do a second shoot last week!  Such happy happy kids.  And beyond that, I think this session proved to me that winter was over.  An hour at the park with the sun shining down... It's going to be an amazing couple of months!



Here's the best photo from last year:




And here are some of the photos from this recent session:





Princess in Pearls


Life to me is about perspective.  I love the discovery - learning to see the same old things in my life through someone else's eyes.  This is why photographing children is so darn fun for me!  They take the normal, everyday object or activities and make an adventure of it.  All these things we take for granted, they get excited about.  I've spent all my life trying to be an adult, but not I just want to be young again and see the world the way these little kids do!



This little girl was so sweet, she wanted to get dressed up and wear the pearls (and didn't want to give them back when it was time!  But I don't blame her... they looked better on her anyway!).




One of the games she played (below) was "take the pearls off... then put them back on... repeat over and over again."  Sometimes it was difficult to figure out how to fit her head through, but she was determined!



And then we played on Mommy's beautiful hardwood floors!  It reminded me of a dance studio.








Provo Family Photos


Family photos... in the winter???  This doesn't look like winter!


I have been pleasantly surprised this year with the lack of winter in Utah.  Being a native Texan, I always dread shoveling the walk and defrosting my car, not to mention driving on those icy roads!  But that hasn't been a problem this winter (YET!)  It's made for some amazing Fall-looking photos even though we're several months past fall.  I'm a very happy person this winter because I get to see the sun, go outside without worrying about a heavy coat, and we have happy subjects for a photoshoots!


This family was amazing.  We shot all around south Provo - mostly by Nielsen's Grove Park.  The kids were full of personality, and I had a lot of fun trying to show that off.












See all of their photos HERE







Dunford Family

  What's more fun that taking family photos with awesome hats and a GINORMOUS dog?  Taking them in a snowstorm that combines the last bit of fall colors with the blustery weather of Christmas!


The Dunford family was awesome to work with, and one of their dogs is seriously about as big as I am.  It was great!


And look how adorable little Caroline was!  Between the hat, the boots, and the little bit of 'tude she's showing, she is one of the cutest little girls I have ever seen!
I loved how colorful this shoot turned out, and how it didn't matter how cold it was or if it was snowing; this family was up for it!
Plus, a return to extreme adorableness.

Ellwood Family

  As I am soaking up as much sun as my pale winter skin can take, I wanted to share this winter family shoot we did recently at Wheeler Farm.  There isn't any snow on the ground, but we sure felt like there could have been!



Alex is a financial planner with a local firm here in Utah, and he needed a new photo for the company website, so we did a few quick headshots for him as well.




If you're thinking about doing winter family photos, a good solid red is almost always a great choice for a color.  These ladies look beautiful, and really pop out in front of the background with the vibrant shade of red they went with.




After the more outdoorsy nature setting, we also got a couple of more formal portraits at the Capitol Building in SLC.  We got there just in time to catch the last bit of the light.  The night skyline was gorgeous!