Hartley Family

Meredith contacted me a few months ago to schedule a photoshoot of her family and later of her family reunion. I happily accepted, and was pleased when I saw Meredith posting on Facebook before the shoot about how excited she was for me to take their photographs.

I ended up meeting them in Salt Lake at Liberty Park along with my great friend Matt Cobabe who was assisting me that day. It was a beautiful day and we were able to take pictures in this amazing garden nearby before finishing up around the pond in the park. Best of all? This is a great looking family, and their kids are ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE. :D

As I was editing through this shoot my husband Thomas was sitting next to me helping me out and after a couple close ups of the kids he said to me, "Wow, these kids are freakishly cute". I laughed, but I completely agree. Some of the biggest eyes I've ever seen, and they were just tons of fun to shoot.

Matt let their little boy play for a few minutes with his camera, and he was utterly fascinated by all the buttons.

I loved that this was the way she seemed to smile; almost every time she would grin and kind of twist her tongue out at me...

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