Hartley Family Reunion

After doing family pictures for the Hartley Family last month, and after hearing Meredith say that her nieces and nephews could give her kids a "run for their money" in the cuteness department I was looking forward to shooting their reunion.

After working it out scheduling-wise it was decided we would get up early in the morning to take more formal pictures just after sunrise at this great park in Orem (a new find... I expect to use it many more times in the future); later on in the day a pool party at "Nana and Papa's" house was scheduled and we were asked to take candid pictures there as well. (I'll do a post with the candids when I finish them up)

There were a ton of shots to get and so many personalities to try and capture- I'm glad that Matt was yet again accompanying me on second camera as we were able to get a lot more photos than we would have otherwise. Here's just a few of them....

To see more of the photos, and all the rest of the people click here.