Raps Family

I love repeat customers! It's so fun to watch a family change and to be there for different stages in their life. I shot the Raps family in California last year when I photographed Kelsey and Alec's wedding. They were such a fun family and we got along so well that I was delighted when Arlene Raps called me to let me know they were coming into town for Lauren's (Kelsey's older sister) graduation and they wanted to book a family portrait session.

Kelsey and Alec will be celebrating their one year anniversary soon, and are still just as in love today as they were on their wedding day.

The entire family was a blast to work with, but little Ava definitely stole the show.

It's really hard to beat taking photos in a big green park on a beautiful summer day.

It was good to see Jeff and Lauren again. Thomas and Jeff have been friends for years since they served LDS missions in Mexico City at the same time. That was originally how Jeff's sister-in-law Kelsey found me for her wedding photography. Hooray for referrals!

It was so cute how Ava had all these stock expressions. Jeff and Lauren had taught her so that they could say "Ok now Happy Smile," or "Now Excited Smile", or even "Now do a Shy Smile" and Ava would instantly pose and look right at the camera with the right expression. No bribes required!

She seemed to have gotten the catwalk down on her own though. She was fascinated by high heel shoes and kept stealing Aunt Kelsey's and Grandma's so that she could strut her stuff. Someone's going to end up being a model!

The one thing I hope for from my clients is PERSONALITY... in this shoot, I hit the jackpot. They were laughing and being playful from beginning to end. I loved it!

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