Amy & Jordan- The Formals

I love formals.  Love love love them!  I love that you can get beautiful wedding photos in a setting where you have the time to get all the shots you want without the pressure of "gotta get to that reception", where you can go to multiple locations, and best of all, where you can set the shoot for the best time of day.  When you do that, you can get photos like this:

You just can't get photos like this on the wedding day.   (p.s., I did not enhance the blues on that- if anything, it's actually a little desaturated).  Most people generally get married anywhere from 9am until about 3 or 4pm.  This does not make it exactly easy to get that sweet sunset for your newlywed photos.  Thus, we turn to the formals!



Ok, I think Amy and Jordan are just plain adorable.  Really, when you look at Amy's smile, her cute dimples, you say the same kind of  "aww" as when you smile at a baby and she smiles right back.


Formals.  All the awesome newlywed photos, without any most of the stress. ;)