Temple Square

Engagements - Becca and Todd






Engagements at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and surrounding areas.  Becca and Todd were delightful - they were dancing and laughing... made me smile throughout the whole session.  If we can all be happy, photoshoots are fun!  It doesn't even feel like work.







Here's a fun story:  These two met online (rather common for many of the couples I come across these days!) and there first date was ... wait for it ... to the DMV.  They renewed their licenses together at the start of the relationship.  I think that's kind of adorable!












Lexi & Brett Formals


Lexi is one of the most incredible people I know.  And she's worked as an assistant for me this summer, so it was extra exciting to do the photoshoots of her and her wonder Brett :).  This was one crazy day, though, because the weather acted up last minute and we had to change our plans for location.  There was a 10 minute break without rain, so luckily we got a few beautiful outdoor photos too!






I always encourage my clients to add something to their shoot to make it more personal.  Lexi brought the most beautiful "something" possible - her little daughter.  The three of them interact together had some really precious moments.  *Spoiler alert* - little Lindy actually joined them for their first dance at the wedding reception.  So sweet.















I don't remember what the story behind this last photo was - maybe "my cheeks hurt from smiling so much, Whitney!" - but I love it!








Joelle & Brett: Salt Lake Temple Wedding Day

  Ok, here's some highlights from one of the last fall weddings.








I loved Brett's choice of formal footware-  Nike Air Jordans with just a hint of tuxedo patent leather.  They were chosen well in advance- in fact, the purple-toned blue color that was one of the primary wedding colors?  -Taken directly from the shoes.








Fall gave us a great sendoff that day...  now that the days are a lot shorter and a lot more grey I look back at the unbelievable blue sky we had and just sigh a little bit...






Jessica & Luke: SLC Temple Wedding

  On this wonderful cold, snowy day, I figured it would be a good idea to share this beautiful late summer wedding.    Jessica and Luke both looked fabulous, though the beautiful colors and bright sunshine in the photos make me kind of depressed for the long, cold months ahead.






Beautiful day, beautiful couple.












Kandis & Greg- LDS Salt Lake Temple Wedding

  I love this couple.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again- these are the some of the nicest, most easy-going people I have ever had the pleasure of spending time with.  Someone actually stepped on the back of Kandis' dress and ripped it, and Kandis didn't even break a sweat.  She gave a big smile, said "Oh, it's fine!" and kept on going.  She was just happy to be married to the man of her dreams.





Just look how gorgeous Kandis is!  Greg is one lucky guy, and he shows that he knows it every time he looks at her.





Be sure to check out all of Kandis and Greg's photos in their full galleries here.








Joelle and Brett- Formals at Salt Lake Temple

  Call them what you will, bridals, groomals, or formals... pre-wedding day shoots are where it is at.  Joelle and Brett were great to work with, and we ended up with some photos that they were super excited to enlarge for the reception.   Here are a few favorites...




Joelle did some photography back in high school, where she focused on black and white photography.  So we had to get a couple b&w's to show them off as well...



Joelle and Brett will be married at the end of this month in the LDS Salt Lake Temple and will have their reception at Magnolia Grove, so check back later for more pictures!





Sneak Peek: Jessica & Luke at Temple Square

  Jessica and Luke were married today!  It's a gorgeous and very very warm summer day, and they looked amazing.  We had a break between the photos at the Salt Lake LDS Temple and the start of the reception, so I hurried on home to import my cards and share a few favorites from today as a sneak peek.  I love how happy these two are together, and how that comes out in the pictures.




Just look at what a perfect day it is!  You couldn't ask for a better day to get married....



Ok, now Thomas and I are off to the reception!