Contest Update!!

  Just a quick update!  We've decided to move the cutoff time back 4 hours, to 10am MST, as I that is when I will get to my office and have access to my computer to count the votes.  It's been a close contest, and while we have two entries with over 100 votes each, it is still anybody's ball game.  Stop by and vote on your favorite idea!


Remember, to vote, go to our Facebook page, see the post about the contest and "like" one of the 10 (actually 11, oops!) comments below the post.  The comments start with "Idea # _, then the person's name".


This has been so fun to run.  I loved seeing all the ideas we got, and it's been great to see the support that each person has rallied.  Good luck to everyone, and we'll announce the winner after 10am tomorrow!