And the winner is....

  It is 10 a.m. Thursday morning and the suspense has been killing me!  Really, I woke up 3 hours before my alarm was going to go off and I couldn't get back to sleep.



Thanks for participating and doing such a great job rallying your friends to vote on your ideas!


2nd place is: Karin with 200 votes.  Pale pink and peach formal ballet session - with a long white romantic era tutu at Sleepy Ridge with beautiful hard wood floors with the big window of light streaming though.


and 1st place, with 216 votes, is Kristian.  Rock climbing trash the dress session.




There was a little bit of confusion about whether to comment or like and a few people had trouble finding the post, so I'd like to give a free session to both of you!  Congratulations.  Both great ideas and we look forward to an exciting session!




And as a walk down memory lane, Kristian was my little sister's roommate several years ago.  We did a session of all the roommates so they could send Christmas cards.  Wow, that was a long time ago.




And when Karin got married last year, we did a bridal session at Thanksgiving point.  But no ballet!  I'm sure the dance photos will be beautiful.



Congratulations, and thanks again!




Contest Update!!

  Just a quick update!  We've decided to move the cutoff time back 4 hours, to 10am MST, as I that is when I will get to my office and have access to my computer to count the votes.  It's been a close contest, and while we have two entries with over 100 votes each, it is still anybody's ball game.  Stop by and vote on your favorite idea!


Remember, to vote, go to our Facebook page, see the post about the contest and "like" one of the 10 (actually 11, oops!) comments below the post.  The comments start with "Idea # _, then the person's name".


This has been so fun to run.  I loved seeing all the ideas we got, and it's been great to see the support that each person has rallied.  Good luck to everyone, and we'll announce the winner after 10am tomorrow!








Contest for free photo session!

  Doesn't matter if you are one, two, or 5 people, wearing wedding clothes, street clothes, or halloween costumes, this contest is open to everybody.  Here's the deal though, this is not for traditional portraits, this photo session is a themed shoot.  The challenge: suggest a unique and interested idea.  Based on the outfits, the activity, the location... something's got to be unique, but it's up to you.  Here are some ideas from shoots I've done in the past:


Halloween costumes:



Career photos:



Destroying a cake:








Playing in water:















Cool cars:





Please post your idea as a comment to this blog below. We will choose the best 10 ideas, and then there will be a vote for the winner on our Facebook page.


Here're the deadlines:

Monday Dec 12 at 6am - all comments must be posted on the blog, this is the cut off time for new entries.

Monday Dec 12 at 11pm - the top 10 will be posted on Facebook.  Tell all your friends to vote for your idea (we'll have details on the facebook page on how to do that).

Thursday Dec 15 at 6am - the voting ends, we will review the number of votes for each idea and...

Thursday Dec 15 at noon - We will announce a winner.



We're excited to see what ideas you come up with!