Sleepy Ridge Weddings

  In preparation for the Provo Bridal Fair a while ago, Sleepy Ridge asked me to do some updated promotional photos for them to display.  Being that I love shooting there and the more people that choose to have their wedding reception at Sleepy Ridge will generally mean the more weddings I get to shoot there, I was happy to!


This will be just a short post, but I wanted to share three of my favorites from the session:  First a fun night shot that shows off their brand new patio set up.  As I have stressed before, lots of lights make for great photos as the party gets later.  They help with depth, texture, and color in the background.



Next we've got a detail shot from the setup in the Sunset Room upstairs.  Note the lights on the trees helping give interesting texture that gives life to the photo, and the gorgeous flowers and linens that they have there.



Finally a bit moodier shot of the Grand Ballroom section of the Sunset Room.  Love the wood floors, the high vaulted ceilings, and of course that chandelier!  I could hang out in this room and shoot forever...