Happy Halloween

  I love holidays.  My favorites are the ones that center around food - Thanksgiving and Christmas - but each has a special role.  Halloween to me is all about being a kid.  It's not so much any more about being scared (I never watch the scary movies anyway), but it's about make-believe, becoming something really really cool, and mostly, it's about candy.  Seriously, we dress up our kids as fictional characters (or sometimes real) and run door to door demanding candy.  How much better can it get?


I don't have kids of my own yet, so I left a Facebook post saying I'd take costume pictures of anyone who stopped by this afternoon.  And I had a few takers.


A knight.  (Can you see his biceps?  They're in there somewhere!)




A shy Cheetah.




I have to be honest, I'm not totally sure what this kid was dressed up as.  But he had a really cool gun.  And a great laugh.




An angry bird!  The funny thing is, I saw 8 or 9 angry bird this year for Halloween.  These kids don't even know who Mario and Luigi are, I guess I'm getting old :)


Cinderella.                                                                                                             And Yoda he is.