St. George Temple at Sunset


I made a goal this year to visit 50 temples - 50 temples in 2012.  So far, I've been to: Salt Lake Temple, Provo Temple, Timpanogos Temple, Draper Temple, Jordan River Temple, and this one is #6 for the year.  I was so glad we got to stop here right at sunset!, loved seeing the changing colors in the sky!


^My favorite picture from the evening.  In the past, I've always tried to avoid the gate in temple photos, I thought it got in the way.  I was excited to find a way to use the gate to add to the photo instead.






Normally, LDS temples have an Angel Moroni with a trumpet on the steeple.  It was interesting to see that the St. George temple did not.  We asked in the visitor's center and apparently, there are a handful of older temples that still do not.  According to, "Eight (8) temples do not have an angel Moroni. They are the St. George Utah, Logan Utah, Manti Utah, Laie Hawaii, Cardston Alberta, Mesa Arizona, Hamilton New Zealand, and Oakland California Temples."





Check back tomorrow for photos from Las Vegas!




Heidi & Steve: Newlywed Photos at Timponogos Temple

  Heidi and Steve had one of the most gorgeous days of the summer.  The landscaping at the LDS Timpanogos Temple was awesome and bursting with color, and we had oodles of sunshine to bring them all out.



I loved the collar on Heidi's wedding dress!  It worked perfectly with her short hair... so cute!




All right boys and girls, y'all know the secret to getting that awesome glow to people and to bringing out colors that blow out your corneas?  Back light!  Use it well, use it often.



We did most of the group photos at Sleepy Ridge, which I'll share in a later post, but this group photo was taken at the temple and really lets you get to know the wedding party in all their glory.








Kandis & Greg- LDS Salt Lake Temple Wedding

  I love this couple.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again- these are the some of the nicest, most easy-going people I have ever had the pleasure of spending time with.  Someone actually stepped on the back of Kandis' dress and ripped it, and Kandis didn't even break a sweat.  She gave a big smile, said "Oh, it's fine!" and kept on going.  She was just happy to be married to the man of her dreams.





Just look how gorgeous Kandis is!  Greg is one lucky guy, and he shows that he knows it every time he looks at her.





Be sure to check out all of Kandis and Greg's photos in their full galleries here.








Sneak Peek: Jessica & Luke at Temple Square

  Jessica and Luke were married today!  It's a gorgeous and very very warm summer day, and they looked amazing.  We had a break between the photos at the Salt Lake LDS Temple and the start of the reception, so I hurried on home to import my cards and share a few favorites from today as a sneak peek.  I love how happy these two are together, and how that comes out in the pictures.




Just look at what a perfect day it is!  You couldn't ask for a better day to get married....



Ok, now Thomas and I are off to the reception!