Where I've been...

  Wow, what a month!  I apologize for my absence from the blog, as the weather got warmer, I started spending more of my time outside experiencing life and less of my time inside telling people about it online :)  So here's a quick update, then I'll jump into the photos!


First, I've become obsessed with rock climbing.  I love learning about it, doing it, and photographing it!


Still lots and lots of photography!  I've done several family shoots, several engagements, a few weddings, many stock photography shoots (I'll tell you more about those later!), some corporate photos, and quite a bit of travel photography.


The travel is one of the things I've been most excited about recently.  See, when I started to get into photography, I dove in head first and it became a business.  I didn't even take the time to decide what kind of photography I liked, to learn about all the different options.  I just started working and jumped into weddings.  While I love weddings, this point in my life is a time of discovery.  It's time to see what else is out there, what else I can learn.  Here I am, 3 years after my first wedding and now I'm taking the time to learn about the art of photography - to discover why I really love it.


Most recently, I went on a road trip with my first intern, Justin Workman.  He's done an amazing job with his own photography business since he worked with me, and it was a great experience to shoot together and see a new perspective.  We left Salt Lake and drove South towards California (the jobs paying for the trip were in San Diego and Los Angeles).  First stop: Zion's National Park.



I have very little experience with landscape photography, in the past I used to say "that's nice... but can I put a bride in front of this view?" It was a challenge to go through the park and just see the photo - I can't pose a mountain, I have to move myself.  Can't make the rocks laugh, I only have light and angle to change how they look.  But what an experience!  I think I'm finally catching the vision.




One of the things I loved about Zion's was the road - the asphalt was a dark red color instead of black.






^ And there's Justin.  Whatever you have to do to get the shot, right?




Next stop: St George Temple at sunset!