Princess in Pearls


Life to me is about perspective.  I love the discovery - learning to see the same old things in my life through someone else's eyes.  This is why photographing children is so darn fun for me!  They take the normal, everyday object or activities and make an adventure of it.  All these things we take for granted, they get excited about.  I've spent all my life trying to be an adult, but not I just want to be young again and see the world the way these little kids do!



This little girl was so sweet, she wanted to get dressed up and wear the pearls (and didn't want to give them back when it was time!  But I don't blame her... they looked better on her anyway!).




One of the games she played (below) was "take the pearls off... then put them back on... repeat over and over again."  Sometimes it was difficult to figure out how to fit her head through, but she was determined!



And then we played on Mommy's beautiful hardwood floors!  It reminded me of a dance studio.