Annie & Robbie- Small World

Anna and Robbie were sealed in the Provo, UT Temple this February.  The wedding day was gorgeous, and they were awesome to work with.  

However, in one of those weird, keep-doing-this-long-enough-and-sooner-or-later-you-always-run-into-something-like-this type coincidences, we found out while doing group photos at the temple that Anna is actually Thomas' second cousin!  As we were arranging the different groups, Anna's grandmother Eileen told Thomas he looked familiar and asked his last name.  He told her that it was Lewis and she immediately asked him who's son he was.  He replied that he was Bill's son, and Eileen said "OH!  We're your Aunt Eileen and Uncle Charles!  You're our nephew!!"  It turned out, embarrassingly enough, that they actually went to the party we threw in Utah the night before our wedding!


I guess when we see someone at a wedding and say "Hey, they look kind of familiar" we should try to figure out if it's not another long lost relative...


Anyways, we got some fabulous photos of cousin Anna and new-cousin Robbie.

These guys were a riot.  Completely impossible to take a serious photo of them, but so much fun to hang around!