Old Friends

We came to Las Vegas to shoot Alexandra & Tyrel's engagements (they will be saying "I do" today, congratulations you two), but also had the privilege of doing portraits for old friends.  Buzz and Cheri were lindy hoppers back in our glory days, and they have now settled in Las Vegas - with two kids full of personality!  They were kind of enough to let us stay with them that weekend and we are so grateful!  

Now, here's the sappy story and a bit of insight into my past:  Thomas and I dated for about 2 years, with a couple hiccups along the way.  About a year in, Cheri and I had a heart-to-heart and she decided that I was in love.  But no!  I wasn't ready to admit that... well, at least for a couple more months.  When I look back at that time, though, I think she was right.  I should probably give her 10% credit that we eventually got married.  And I'm glad for the kick in the pants to start thinking more seriously.  After all, I not only got a husband, but I got a voice-controlled-light-stand.  Who could ask for more?  The truth is, as a person, and as a photographer, I'd be nothing without him.

Jonathan and Zak were so much fun and full of energy.  Reminds me of the craziness and rewarding moments I can I look forward to when I have my own.

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