Chris and Tara- Millennial Falls Wedding

  Ok, this post might be a wee bit longer than some others.  I have loved working with Chris and Tara through their save the date shoot, their engagement shoot, Tara's bridal shoot and now their wedding day.  They are both such awesome and easy going people that it's an absolute delight to be their photographer.


Chris and Tara's ceremony and reception were both at the Millennial Falls Reception Center in Draper.  It's quite possibly one of the most beautiful wedding locations that I have ever shot at.  Very sophisticated and elegant feel to the grounds and the buildings (somewhat like Sleepy Ridge in Orem).  Look for a separate details post showing off everything the place has to offer in the near future....


We'll start off with some of the photos of the bride and groom getting ready.  Now most reception centers have rooms for the bride to get ready in, and they are always gorgeous.  However, more often than not the groom gets the short end of the stick.  I actually did one wedding where a venue had this unbelievable suite for the bride to get ready in.  Sitting room, three full mirrors with raised pedestal to check the dress... the works.  The groom had a 6 x 15 foot room with a dented metal folding chair and a table.  The poor guy actually had to enter the room sideways to be able to clear the table and get to the chair- I kid you not!  Millennial Falls is a bit more equitable.  They not only have some gorgeous sunlit rooms for the bride, but have a nice suite for the groom as well.



I loved Tara's dress.  Clean lines, beautiful fabric, and a subtle design add up to a gorgeous and tasteful choice. The fact that Nancy, Chris' mom, made the dress is just icing on the cake of awesomeness.





It's time for the show to start!  Tara gives her mother-in-law to be a big hug and we're ready to go.




There are few times that a woman is more beautiful than walking down the aisle towards her sweetheart.  It's that look of happiness just beaming out for everyone to see.




I loved these parasols that all the girls had.  So fun!




I'm always a sucker for a beautiful waterfall, so we had to start out Chris and Tara's newlywed photos there.  Doesn't this photo just epitomize the summer wedding day?  Beautiful sunlight, greenery and gorgeous trees in bloom, and a kiss on a footbridge.  Summer love in a nutshell.



Not just a good-looking couple, Chris and Tara were simply fun.  Fun to talk to, fun to shoot, fun to be around.





Once it started getting a bit later, we snuck away for a couple minutes to get some more pictures of the two of them.  I love when reception centers light up the grounds and the building well.  It really can make or break the photo.




More posts to come soon, with details and other photos from the reception.