Heidi and Steve- Sleepy Ridge Wedding Preshoot

  So this last part of the formals shoot is proof positive that when you don't cancel the shoot because of massive impending thunderstorms, that good things can happen.  We got some gorgeous sunlit shots at the Sleepy Ridge Golf Course and the Reception Center there, and then it was time for the sunset.




As a photographer, I am so happy Heidi and Steve decided to go with Sleepy Ridge for their wedding, because the place is so dang elegant.  The building is absolutely gorgeous, and for bridal shoots and formal pre-wedding photos you can get some amazing skies in the evening.  The golf course and the grounds are so open and well done that you can really go crazy with pictures.



When I got the prints that we ordered for their reception last week, I felt like it was Christmas.  We did 20X30 metal print of this one above, and a 30x40 of the one below.  It went on the massive mantlepiece in the Garden Room there at Sleepy Ridge, right behind where they had the receiving line.  So awesome to have something like that, and in a size to do it justice.  Heidi's mom had to keep pointing it out to all the guests saying "do you see this amazing photo?"  Gotta say, it's one of the best feelings in the world as a wedding photographer to hear something like that over and over.  Thanks guys for an awesome shoot, and a fantastic wedding day!