Holli & David: The Shindig

  As promised, here are a few faves from the rest of Holli and David's wedding reception in Draper.




The photo below pretty much illustrates the essence of Holli to anyone who doesn't already know her.  In short, she always makes you feel like she's excited to see you, and it is always genuine.  Such a fun person to be around!




The food was delicious- Holli and David take their barbeque seriously... mmmmmmmmmmmmm.




I love this next sequence.





Hooray for live music!



Holli sang a love song for David right before they left for their honeymoon- it was lovely.



Huge grins?  Check.  Sweeeeeeet ride?  Check check.  Big 'ol fireworks display to send you on your way?  Check check check.  We're ready to rock.



That's all she wrote, folks.  Have a great night!