Holli & David: Vintage and Retro Reception Details

  Just to continue gushing from last night, the details for Holli and David's reception were just so fun and so well done.  It didn't just have a lot of "cutesy vintage touches", but had lots of genuine and beautiful Americana elements.  It was around the 4th of July, after all!  And what could be more perfect to ride away in than a pristine red vintage Cadillac?



The food was absolutely amazing, but the best part?  This locomotive barbeque!




As you can see, the whole layout was very open, and just reminded me of what I picture when I think of an old-time southern barbeque or big extended family party.  I loved the setting they created for the receiving line here below.  Very artistic and full of color!!! I'm told that David himself actually painted most of these.... I wonder if he knew what he was getting into when he proposed?  Apparently he was awake at 7 am ON HIS WEDDING DAY to help set up this amazing reception.  Along with many other people, of course.  SO much work went into it, and I thought it went off perfectly.



You can get a little preview of David's reception suit here on the right...  Thomas thought it was perfect.  He is a huge fan of the "trad" or classic "prep" look (or so he tells me).  All I can say is that David looked fantastic, and I loved the lighter suit.




Despite how much I loved the vibrant colors everywhere, I really really liked Holli's bouquet (which didn't have ANY strong colors, just mostly shades of white).  It was so elegant, and I felt was a great counterpoint to everything else.






Ok, stay tuned tomorrow for some favorite photos from the rest of the reception!