Birdsall Wedding

This was another rainy early summer wedding day, but Megan and Ben must doing something right as it cleared up beautifully right before the reception started. I love summer because we have these gorgeous outdoor, open air receptions and ceremonies. It makes for such a green, vibrant setting with the grass, trees, and flowers all around. I love it!
The wedding was at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple, which is a neat one to shoot as a wedding photographer because the grounds are so different. Instead of big, leafy trees, you have a lot of smaller trees and smaller vegetation with the new landscaping. It's a big, open feeling as you look around you down to the valley below.

And doesn't Megan look beautiful?? I hope you know, Ben, that you lucked out with such a pretty wife.. ;)

I love seeing older people dancing- I hope that will be me in 30-40 years.

I met Amber at this reception, she expressed interest in learning about photography, and now she is doing an internship with me. I love being able to teach, not just do. I'm grateful for the photographers who helped me get started, and I'll try to pass it on.

and.... POLKA DOTS!

We took ten minutes in the middle of the reception to take a couple photos and show off the beautiful sky. I love the blue and clouds.

I'll finish off the post with some of the cutest kids I have come across at a reception. I think one of the best parts of my job is seeing all the adorable outfits these little kids get put into. Look at the pocket square on this first little one's vest!!

This next little girl was really rocking out- she even had her own backup dancers...

Check out the full gallery for the wedding here.