Zmoos Reception at Sleepy Ridge

Now don't tell any of my other brides this (shhhh!), but I think that Abbey and Taylor's wedding day was the most enjoyable and satisfying day in my career as a photographer thus far. The bride and groom were both knockouts in the looks department, the families were a joy to deal with, and everyone looked fantastic. This reception was lovely. The reception hall at Sleepy Ridge is absolutely gorgeous, and Abbey and her family had obviously put a LOT of thought into the decorations. The food was wonderful, they had a live band (which I always love), and there were so many people. Abbey's family is very well established in the area, and so the place was just packed to the rafters.

DJ's can be wonderful, but as I've said before, live bands are my favorite. I met Thomas through the swing dance scene here in Utah, and we both still love to dance when we can. The fact that most live wedding bands lean towards jazz and other "danceable" music (at least as we think of it), it always makes it more fun for me. This group was great to listen to.

I love crepes, and I especially love crepes that come along with huge fireballs.

The entire wedding party looked great, but I must say, the boys had something special going on.

It was a beautiful evening, all the way around.

The wedding cake was outstanding, but I think I had a special place in my heart for the groom's cake- as a rock climber, I thought it was perfect. :)

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