Zmoos Wedding- Salt Lake City

One of the top reasons I liked working with Abbey and Taylor is even when things went wrong, sometimes disastrously so, they were still so pleasant and happy. They had had some fairly large hurdles to overcome with their formal session and as the day of the wedding came things seemed to continue in that same vein. Abbey and Taylor had extended family in town for the weekend, and apparently some of the nieces came bearing gifts in the form of plague. The little Typhoid Marys kindly shared a nice violent flu with everyone in the family, including the bride, a few days before the big day itself. Although Abbey was mostly feeling better by the morning of the wedding, on the way to the Salt Lake Temple she had an allergic reaction to something, and her eye swelled almost completely shut (fortunately a temporary situation!). Later, about halfway through the newlywed photos, Taylor's tux coat button popped off for the second time. Finally, someone accidentally spilled water over one of their favorite enlargements from the bridal session, right before the reception was due to begin. Despite this and the normal stress and craziness that come part and parcel in a wedding day, Abbey and Taylor were both happy, smiling, and thoroughly in love. It was extraordinary, and they were awesome!

I thought this was precious....

You got to be careful with a whole bunch of groomsman who are bigger than you. Crazy stuff happens. ;)

The entire wedding can be seen here. Go check it out!