Alyssa and Justin

Most of the time when the weather report is looking a bit threatening, I have clients calling in a panic wanting to know if we can reschedule. When the morning started out gloomy and snow was forecast online for the afternoon I called out to Alyssa and Justin to ask what they wanted to do. "Well, we like snow... so yeah, let's do it today." Well cool, I'm up for it. Not too many people want to shoot in a blizzard. And after all was said and done, it turned out great. I do think it took about 3 days for my fingers to thaw, though.
My intern, Justin Workman, told me about this awesome gear sculpture in downtown Salt Lake.
gear sculpture, downtown, snowstorm

umbrella, smiling, snow falling, engagement photos
You can get some strange looks while taking pictures in the middle of the street. You can also get some neat photos.
dip kiss, road, snow, traffic light
I love how snow can reflect the light.
SLC library, snow falling, night

bench, laughing, happy couple, winter

snowfall, serious faces, engagement
I loved the lights in this tunnel....
smiling in a tunnel

Salt Lake Library, serious, night photo
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smiling, piggyback ride, snowy