Erin and Todd

Every once in a while I get a couple that no matter where we are and when we shoot it doesn't matter- I just get awesome photo after awesome photo. For this engagement session we had planned originally to start off at Wheeler Farm and then head on up to Saltair. Erin and Todd were just so natural in front of the camera, and we kept working so well together that time flew by and before we knew it we had spent much more time than expected at Wheeler Farm. Thus, we headed on up to Liberty Park to finish up the engagements.
I love their style, and both were just wonderful to deal with.  I've really gotten some fantastically easy-going clients recently.  :)

While at Liberty Park we had a visitor.  I've been shooting for a while, but I don't think I've ever been photobombed by a waterfowl before.

Some of the colors we were getting were almost like Fall.  It made for some really rich backgrounds...

Some tender moments at the most photographed truck in Utah.... :)

The blues in this next one just felt right...


While I put in more photos than normal, I really didn't scratch the surface of the awesomeness contained in their gallery.  Check out more of my favorites here.