Wheeler Farm

Ellwood Family

  As I am soaking up as much sun as my pale winter skin can take, I wanted to share this winter family shoot we did recently at Wheeler Farm.  There isn't any snow on the ground, but we sure felt like there could have been!



Alex is a financial planner with a local firm here in Utah, and he needed a new photo for the company website, so we did a few quick headshots for him as well.




If you're thinking about doing winter family photos, a good solid red is almost always a great choice for a color.  These ladies look beautiful, and really pop out in front of the background with the vibrant shade of red they went with.




After the more outdoorsy nature setting, we also got a couple of more formal portraits at the Capitol Building in SLC.  We got there just in time to catch the last bit of the light.  The night skyline was gorgeous!










And they're... gonna get ma-a-a-rried...

Chelsea and Dan are getting married today in the LDS Draper Temple, followed by a reception at Tuscan Garden Works.  So today's the perfect day to share the photos from their formals session!  

Love the expressions below.... super cute couple!

It was a little bit cold outside.  Luckily, Chelsea had her Mickey Mouse Snuggie there.  After all, no discerning bride would be without one.






Warner Family

The Warner family was a joy to shoot, as they were a group made up entirely of good-looking adults who were easy to give direction to, and babies who were absolutely adorable.  I seriously could have shot the older baby all day!  She was so photogenic and just unbearably CUTE that I was tempted to try and make a break for it with her!

Happiness and lots of light make for a good family portrait! You can see the entire Warner family gallery here.

Just look at this face.  My heart just melts looking at her expression....

Jordan and Mike's Engagements

One of the challenges that an on location portrait photographer has is that you often has limitations on where you can go and how much time you have for a given shoot, and so inevitably you end up shooting at a lot of the same locations. The challenge is to make each of those shoots different and to make each time you go to the location look unique. Wheeler Farm is one of my favorite go-to places to shoot engagements, bridals, and formals. There's so much variety in the backgrounds there, and so many different "mini-locations" to play with, that depending on the time of day or the season you can go there many times a year and it always looks different.

Mike was such a crack-up. I don't think I've met a goofier or more naturally cheerful person.

See the full gallery here.

Erin and Todd

Every once in a while I get a couple that no matter where we are and when we shoot it doesn't matter- I just get awesome photo after awesome photo. For this engagement session we had planned originally to start off at Wheeler Farm and then head on up to Saltair. Erin and Todd were just so natural in front of the camera, and we kept working so well together that time flew by and before we knew it we had spent much more time than expected at Wheeler Farm. Thus, we headed on up to Liberty Park to finish up the engagements.
I love their style, and both were just wonderful to deal with.  I've really gotten some fantastically easy-going clients recently.  :)

While at Liberty Park we had a visitor.  I've been shooting for a while, but I don't think I've ever been photobombed by a waterfowl before.

Some of the colors we were getting were almost like Fall.  It made for some really rich backgrounds...

Some tender moments at the most photographed truck in Utah.... :)

The blues in this next one just felt right...


While I put in more photos than normal, I really didn't scratch the surface of the awesomeness contained in their gallery.  Check out more of my favorites here.

Jessica and Casey's Marathon Engagement Session

Meet Jessica and Casey.
Jessica, Casey, happy fun couple
I knew we were going to get along and that we were going to get some truly awesome pictures pretty much as soon as I met them. I think it was about the moment that they explained to me with a grin that as Jessica's last name is "Terribilini" and Casey's last name is "Skankey" their wedding was ultimately going to be a "Terribly Skanky" wedding. Yes, I thought to myself, I think we're going to be able to work together juuuust fine. :)
I think I must have been fated to shoot their wedding. Jessica's sister is also engaged, and had contacted me a month or so before Jessica asking if I could shoot her wedding. She had found me through Facebook ads and liked my style. Unfortunately I was already booked for that day, but was able to recommend a very good friend to photograph their wedding. I guess in the spirit of "if at first you don't succeed" the powers that be lead Jessica to my site, completely independent of her sister and unknowing that she had tried to book me, and we were able to sign a contract- thus paving the way for the sweet sweet photographic goodness you find before you.
Now something you probably already know about me is that I don't charge by the hour. There are several reasons why, among them simplicity in terms of pricing, the opportunity to be there as long as I need to to get that one perfect shot to capture your day, and the flexibility to deal with craziness in schedules and mishaps along the way. That being said, engagement and bridal sessions still only last anywhere from 1 1/2 to 2 hours on average- mainly because not too many brides and grooms really want to be in front of a camera for longer than that. However, I am always ready and raring to do anything my clients want, and while talking with Casey and Jessica about engagements it quickly became apparent that they were up for a bit more than the norm.
Thus, I present to you... (drumroll, please) the Marathon Engagement Session. We started out at Wheeler Farm, then headed to a location west of Salt Lake City off the freeway, and finished up at Salt Air. I took over 1000 photos and the shoot lasted over 5 hours. Fun was had by all. I still haven't quite finished editing all of them, but I have put up a gallery of some of my picks from the session. Be sure and check them out here.
sitting on a log, enjoying the sun

black and white, serious models
Remember the teaser post I put up a couple weeks ago? Yeah, these skies were AMAZING!
silhouette, sunset, holding hands

dip, about to kiss in front of a sunset
The colors just kept getting better as it got later.
Beach, Great Salt Lake, Salt Air, Sunset engagements

blue skies, wheat fields, long road
They were such a pleasure to work with. I love happy people, which is why I love weddings!
sunlight, rim light, smiling and laughing
I loved these stalks and reed thingys, you could just see how they moved in the wind- gorgeous setting.
about to kiss in the reeds

fiancee piggyback ride

hiding in reeds at the beach, Saltair

Trees at Wheeler Farm, green grass
Yeah, we got along fine.
making faces, fiancees