Alyssa's Bridals

I met up with Alyssa and her posse in Salt Lake at Temple Square. We managed to schedule a time when they still had all these gorgeous tulips all over everywhere (alas, they have been replaced now with other flowers), which made for some eye-popping color in the backgrounds. Alyssa brought along three friends to help out with the session, and I put them all to work holding flashes and reflectors (future bridal-photo-posse-members be warned). Alyssa was so natural in front of the camera and just so easy to work with that I literally felt like I could shoot her all day. spring bridal photography, Temple Square, SLC

Closeup of Alyssa, spring bride

She had this really fun shawl that she wore with her dress part of the time... I have never seen anything quite like it with a wedding dress.

nature, tulips, green trees, smiling bride, full length shot

Between the superbly manicured gardens and the classic architecture, Temple Square is a great place to shoot even when you are not trying to get "temple photos".

marble pillars, laughing bride, colorful bouquet, tulips

I LOVE the exposed bulbs along this exit by the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. The lights, along with her pose, the way her dress is flared, and the combination with the visible flash give it a really "vintage 50's paparazzi" feel to me.

pigeon-toed, vintage, 1950's, paparazzi photo

dramatic lighting, flowers, utah bridal photography

I love spring. Love it. It's just so refreshing after a really long, dull winter.

sunlight, natural lighting, outdoor picture, yellow shoes

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Filipino bride, LDS, downtown