In the City and on the Beach

Meet Justin.  He started an internship with me in January.  He's a photography student and is doing quite well establishing his own wedding/portrait photography business as well.

Meet Mallory.  She's Justin's wife and partner-in-crime. They are in love.

By the way, Mallory has awesome shoes.

We did an "anniversary" shoot at Park City and at the Great Salt Lake at Saltair.

The lights at Park City at night make for some awesome shots, but the sky at Saltair was unreal.

I call this photo the "Big Dip-her." Hahaha.  Hah.

 012DSC_6392  023DSC_6390

Justin and Mallory don't only shoot with cameras.  They are also big airsoft fans.  So we got a little "Bonnie and Clyde" action going on here....

Justin and Mallory have two kids.  They are hairier than most children....  but Justin loves them anyway.

When they get a chance to relax, Justin and Mallory like to get some quality time together with Call of Duty.

Justin has been such a wonderful help to me this year, and I have loved the chance to teach and help him as he has developed his talents and his business has grown. I'm excited to see what the future holds for them.