Floppy hats, Picnic baskets, and Swedish stuff

Soooooooo... this was clearly not taken in November.  I was reviewing the photos from this year, and I realized one of my favorite family shoots ever didn't make it onto the blog.  So five months later, here it is.

On a side note- we decided to try something different and shot everything nearby one of my favorite stores ever- IKEA.  I love everything in Ikea, but beware...  the store is Dangerous.  With a capital D.  I plan to run in and grab a $5 thingamajigger, and, of course, I walk out with a pallet cart having spent $300.  I walk inside for a 10 minute errand, and before I realize it 3 hours have passed.  It's the Bermuda Triangle of retail.

I've been lucky enough to shoot Zoey several times now, and I think I can literally say that I have never come across a more naturally photogenic baby.  She is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E. I hope one day to have a baby girl with eyes half as gorgeous as Zoey's.