Mountains and Lights

I have decided that Bridal Veil falls looks 115% better frozen.  It's so majestic!

Brittany and Jordan were super fun and easy-going.  Sometimes when I'm taking photos it just feels like I'm goofing off with friends and I happen to have a camera along.

I was so glad to see that the Riverwoods in Orem went all out on the Christmas lights for the area.  Remember boys and girls..... lots of light in the background = super-awesome-colorful-lit-backgrounds smudged into perfection by the camera's depth of field.  Candles, lit windows, street lamps, Christmas lights- all of these will give you gorgeous results used properly.

I was sad to see they removed the old train car from Vivian park (Thomas and I even shot our engagements around it)- they did, however, replace it with a very colorful newer-style train car that is just as fun to work with in its own way.

Take a look at the full engagement gallery here.