Me and My Story

My dad is really my inspiration for photography.  He's a Real Estate Developer by career, but a photographer by heart.  He even set up a family photo contest and brought in a professional photographer to judge it. My first professional camera was a gift from him, and I am so grateful he has encouraged me along the way.
I never considered being a photographer until about 3 years ago.  In Kindergarten, I'd say, "when I grow up, I either want to be a doctor or a garbage man. Doctors help people, and garbage men get to ride on the back of the truck!"

Really though, most of my life has been about sports or music.  I played and refereed soccer for many years, sang, and played piano, French horn, and guitar.  I studied Music Education at BYU, and had planned on becoming a middle school band director.  But things never work out quite how we plan.

The truth about my story is that photography chose me.  I never expected to be here, but I'm so grateful for the path life has taken.

Growing up, my parents were always supportive and encouraging of our hobbies.  Most of my hobbies were sports and music related, but I always had a camera.  Some of my siblings and I would do fashion shoots in Elementary school.  Yes, fashion shoots.  We would find outfits from the dress-up box (consisting mostly of my Mom's amazing 70's style performance costumes) and we would take photos.  I cringe to think of the outfits we encouraged my poor younger brother to wear.
I still remember my first camera: teal & pink, 100% plastic.  But as a 7 year old, I couldn't be happier. My spending money around that time went primarily towards candy and getting my film developed... though I have to admit that the majority probably went to candy.  And it still does.  I was, am, and forever will be completely and utterly addicted to sugar.
In 2008 I married Thomas.  We met two years earlier in a swing dancing club.  We danced our way through 2 years of dating and finally he convinced me to say yes.  I love that he encouraged me in my hobby of photography and helped it to become a career.  Thomas even dove in and learned about cameras, the theory and techniques of photography, and he often shoots with me at weddings.  I am so grateful to be able to share the talent most important to me with the person most important to me.  Our wedding day wasn't anywhere near magazine worthy, but it was still one of the happiest days of my life.  One of the things that sparked my interest in wedding photography as a career was watching the process from the other side of the lens.

I liked the idea of being there at the wedding to capture perfect moments. To see people as they are and preserve the purest looks of love, commitment, and joy.  Photography to me is not about poses, outfits, or locations.  It is about expressions, emotions, and interactions.  That's why I do what I do.